tangible tan‧gi‧ble [ˈtændʒbl] adjective
1. tangible results, proof, benefits etc can clearly be seen to exist or to have happened:

• New revenue streams, particularly from e-commerce opportunities are creating tangible benefits for the core business.

• There is little tangible evidence that there will be an economic recovery.

— tangibly adverb :

• Can centers of excellence tangibly improve productivity and quality?

2. able to be touched and felt:

• Gold is a tangible commodity that investors can turn to in times of financial instability.

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tangible UK US /ˈtændʒəbl/ adjective
real, existing; able to be shown or experienced: tangible evidence/proof/signs »

We can now see tangible evidence of economic renewal and growth.

a tangible achievement/benefit/effect »

Rewards can include financial payments, promotions, and other tangible benefits.

tangible improvement/progress/results »

They hope the meeting will achieve tangible results.

ECONOMICS able to be touched or felt: »

A key difference between tangible cash and almost any other form of money lies in traceability.

tangible goods/products »

The company buys and sells services as well as tangible goods.

tangibly /ˈtændʒəbli/ adverb

The summit will bring the area some useful publicity and, more tangibly, a huge building boom.

Compare INTANGIBLE(Cf. ↑intangible)
tangible UK US /ˈtændʒəbl/ noun
[C, usually plural] ECONOMICS a real thing that exists in a physical way: »

Quality standards for tangibles like food are easier to assess than for intangibles such as service or waiting times.

Compare INTANGIBLE(Cf. ↑intangible) noun
tangibles — Cf. tangibles
[C, usually plural] ACCOUNTING, FINANCE TANGIBLE ASSET(Cf. ↑tangible asset)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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